It is the main business of Kensington Crystal Wholesalers to bring to the market desirable gift items. The company which has been in operation for over 20 years working as Crystal, Gifts and jewellery Wholesalers has made landmark improvements in its work through so many positive public reviews giving it a boost to rank among the best wholesale gifts dealers worldwide.

Their jewellery designers make unique hand cut crystal which are then polished in such a way that the user would see elegance of style. They involve qualified craftsmen. They make sure that as suppliers the retail customers get the best and that their wholesale gifts stock is exactly the kind that fits the needs of every customer.

Kensington Crystal Wholesalers business engages powerful jewelry designers to make sure that they maintain quality as a primary need for every potential user. They also have the best jewelry designers who know their work. They have highly qualified workers who manage their wholesale gifts products. This is what makes them to remain the best wholesale dealers to work with.

Whatever you might want to call it, this is a wholesale gifts supplier which is exclusively involved in supplying their commodities to world’s best retail outlets. as wholesalers in gifts items, If you have been looking for Suppliers of jewelries and other important items for gifts, Kensington Crystal is the best place to visit.

As a supplier of wholesale gifts, you will benefit a lot if you buy from Kensington Crystals. The company too can be considered suppliers who supply their commodities to wholesalers. The best thing about Kensington is that there are hundreds of varieties of products which mean that wholesalers never lack what they are looking for.

Among all the known Suppliers of Jewellery designers’ items, Kensington is the best place to visit when you want to buy jewelries at wholesalers’ rates. The quality of our items gives us confidence with our customers and makes it possible for us to move on with no fear.

The dream of making sure that the customers our wholesalers products are usually satisfied with what they get from our wholesalers website store is reason enough to keep moving up the top without wavering. If there is anything that makes Kensington Crystal unique, it is the fact that our jewellery designers work knowing that they want to satisfy their clients. With a team spirit of excellence for wholesalers, there is nothing to stop this company from achieving even higher goals.

If you want to get the best competitive prices on wholesale gifts, then Kensington Crystal is the place to visit. We have a link with reputable manufacturers whose work of art is known to the whole globe. Wholesale gifts that we have are priced competitively which means that at Kensington, you will be confidently given a chance to buy at the manufacturer’s wholesale prices.

As retailers or if your supplier you can come to us and you will be sure to get the best out of our product range. Gift Wholesalers customers can work together with Kensington Crystal to make sure that crystal gifts will reach suppliers at the right time. You will get anything from simple wholesale gifts to those that are good for cooperate award.

There are many business companies that work as suppliers of wholesale gifts items in form of jewelries. All their efforts are usually concentrated in ensuring that they can be able to get more than one distributor to make more income. The challenge that many wholesalers meet is seeking to remain loyal to all their customers. Some wholesalers do put just little effort on their sales work. However, this is not the case with Kensington Crystal wholesalers, a UK based supplier of wholesale gifts commodities.

The main aim of Kensington, suppliers of crystal jewelry, is to make sure that its customers get the best. They can subcontract a distributor to supply others with their stock. All the items that are in this company’s list of stocks are proven for quality. While the quality is high and the design is usually unique, this company has never made its pricing unreasonable for the retailers that use these wholesalers and therefore who rely on them.

As exclusive wholesale gifts , you will not find anything that is costing more than its true wholesale value. If you are interested in buying gifts from a wholesaler at trade prices, there is no need to think otherwise. You are invited to visit Kensington Crystal. Their crystal jewelries are distributed by retailers and suppliers at a low cost creating value for money and also to ensure that all customers are served according to their demands.

With a proven track record of years of experience as well as high standard of professionalism, you will be sure to get the best from Kensington Crystal, the number one supplier among wholesalers. They work with best manufacturing suppliers to ensure efficiency. Kensington has been in operation since the year 1989 and has now marked a period of excellence for the last 20 years. If you are a retailer, distributor or a supplier, and your wish to get quality Jewellery, crystal and gifts from a UK wholesaler and manufacturer, this company should be your next stop. As major wholesalers They distribute to retailers at wholesale or distributor cost.

All retail suppliers of crystal jewelries who have discovered the company will always come back. What you need to look at is the customer review of our sites as well as the wholesalers’ forum positing. Whether it is for our wholesale gifts, or that you want to deal with suppliers for other goods. If there is need to build your shop with quality wholesale gifts items, the time is now to do it. You must just put together all the information regarding your needs and send them to us.

Reaching Kensington Crystal wholesalers is easy through phone or email. What you need to do is give a detailed description of the items that you want to buy from the wholesalers and they will respond to you with a quotation regarding the total pricing. Every bit of our dealings with a retail distributor must be built on clear information flow which we have ensured through our able customer service. With properly trained sales people, as major wholesalers we are confident that your experience with Kensington Crystal will be a lasting one. We usually make it upon ourselves to ship your order within the first two to four business days.

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Welcome to the Kensington Crystal Wholesale site.

Kensington crystal Wholesale have been involved in crystal manufacturer & wholesale in the UK since 1989.
Each piece is skilfully hand cut & polished from optical crystal by skilled craftsmen to create the finest faceted crystal. The Kensington crystal wholesale range has one of the largest product ranges of crystal miniatures in the world. Kensington crystal can also produce crystal miniatures or laser blocks to your design and have produced many special crystal items for promotion and incentive gifts. Kensington Crystal wholesale has over 700 crystal miniatures including over 300 crystal miniatures from 70p – £2.35. Each crystal miniature is individually packed in a presentation box with the code on the bottom. We also provide one of the largest ranges of component parts and hanging crystal. We also produce blank Crystal blocks for laser engraving and can supply 3d laser machines.
Plus wholesale Crystal Globes – Crystal Balls – Crystal Laser Blocks – Crystal Laser Key Rings – Blank Laser Blocks – Crystal Laser Pyramid – Crystal Paperweights – Adjustable Flashing Light Stands – Flashing Turntables – Mirrors – Crystal Roses – Crystal Miniatures – 3d Laser Machines – Assembling and Repair Equipment – Crystal Chandeliers – Chandelier components – jewellery components – Manufacturer components.
Kensington crystal wholesale gives you the opportunity to order direct from the crystal manufacturer at crystal wholesale prices. If you are a retail business and interested in wholesale crystal supply from Kensington Crystal, Please send e-mail for a copy of our wholesale catalogue. Kensington crystal produces mainly for the UK and USA markets. If you have any enquires about any of our crystal miniatures then please e-mail Kensington crystal at and we will reply as soon as possible. We can also manufacturer crystal items exclusively for you, just send us drawing and size of the crystal item that you want and we will get back to you concerning the cost and manufacturing terms.
We also have a crystal wholesale cash and carry warehouse and showrooms where you can pick the crystal models you want at wholesale prices, they will then be picked and packed for you while you wait.
Please note kensington crystal do not sell wholesale crystal gifts directly to the public. If you wish to purchase individual crystal miniatures please e-mail your details to and we will forward them to your nearest distributor.
Kensington Crystal Copyright © 1989-2011
Browse All Products Kensington Crystal UK is the leading wholesale source of crystal miniatures, crystal awards, wholesale glass miniatures, corporate awards, wholesale crystal, glass awards, glass trophies, trophy awards, trophy shop supplies, wholesale crystal globes, crystal recognition awards, glass clock, crystal clocks, glass engraving, crystal service award, crystal teamwork award, crystal golf trophy, golf trophies, wholesale crystal golf awards, glass golf award, crystal sports trophy, crystal football trophy, crystal paperweights, glass paperweights, wholesale crystal paperweights, miniature crystal dolphins, miniature crystal elephant, miniature crystal swan. We can manufacture corporate awards at wholesale price, crystal promotional and holiday gifts. We can manufacturer crystal awards to your design, crystal name plates, crystal paperweights, crystal desk clocks, crystal bowls and vases and we will personalize them with your message and corporate logo. Some our most popular corporate awards are: crystal eagle awards, crystal globe awards, crystal star trophies, crystal towers and obelisks, team awards. Our wholesale Sports line offers golf trophies, basketball, baseball, tennis, football and hockey gifts and trophies all our crystal miniatures are manufactured to the highest standard with each miniature passing through our quality control department after manufacturing before going into our wholesaler department
Kensington Crystal Wholesale
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